Ashley Buzzy Lettering + Press provides memorable, custom paper goods through excellent craftsmanship.

Ashley Buzzy, printmaker + calligrapher

image by Heather Payne Photography

image by Heather Payne Photography

Ashley Buzzy McHugh is a writer, graphic designer and printmaker based out of Atlanta, Georgia - but expect to find her elsewhere quite frequently. Known to most people as simply "Buzzy," she was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Atlanta. She completed her BFA at the University of Georgia in Graphic Design, with a unique emphasis on Fabric and Textiles. After college she married Collin McHugh, a professional baseball player, and they have spent the years since visiting the famous (and not so famous) baseball cities of America. She now splits time between her home and studio in Atlanta and Collin's baseball career with the Houston Astros.

Ashley is passionate about the entire process of design: from the first spark of an idea to the intricate process of making it come to life. Her process usually includes sketching in graphite, lettering in ink, refining on the computer and printing on a century-old Chandler & Price letterpress. 

Her other interests include: learning how to love utkatasana at hot yoga, cooking local and organic foods, learning the names of all the flowers (and secretly arranging them for friends), sewing/dyeing/weaving, starting lots of different knitting projects at once (and scattering them all over the house) and racking up some serious Southwest Rapid Rewards Points.


images care of Morning Light by Michelle Landreau