Putting Together The Sweetest Suite

For five years, I've been helping couples put together their dream wedding stationery... choosing paper, inks, printing methods, envelopes, etc. The whole process can be equally exciting and daunting. Unlike other areas of wedding planning (like attire, food and music), most people rarely consider what their preferences might be when it comes to paper. We live in a digital age - you know which Google theme you like best for your Gmail, but I probably shouldn't ask you if you prefer your stationery to be on 32# kid finish letter half-sheets or 110# vellum cover A2 cards.

I lost you, didn't I?

Other sources have also muddied the waters when it comes to expectations: your grandma has an opinion. Pinterest showed you a bunch of cute ideas. Your friend did something different last summer for her wedding.

How much are you supposed to spend? What's too fancy and what's not fancy enough? What do you do about the rehearsal dinner and reception? Why did your cousin's invitation have a sheet of tissue paper shoved in the envelope? Is it bad if you write the addresses yourself? Times infinity questions.

Here's a few general answers we can provide:

1. Method: 
Our invitations are press printed. That means every design gets made into a plate, that plate is used with a "press" (machine) to apply ink to the surface of a sheet of paper. It allows us to use thick paper (on a letterpress) and dark paper (with foil stamping). It gives the print some texture: either raised (thermography) or pressed down into the sheet (letterpress). This makes our invitations ideal for lots of different kinds of weddings: casual to super fancy. Let us know how formal your wedding is, and we can make a suggestion about which suite and print method to use. If you're having the most elegantly planned evening soiree, we know you want your invitations to match. We can match that, girl. We do fancy.

I've also learned after dozens and dozens of meetings that we're pretty good at anticipating what you want. We're like paper detectives: all we need is a couple of clues and then we can come up with something you'll love. Those clues are usually: budget, venue, style/theme and color. If you're having a high-budget wedding at a beautiful estate and the style is elegant/european and your colors are grey and gold? We got your suite:

We can skip the part where we show you 100 paper samples and a Pantone book of one bazillion colors and expect you to choose something from everything. We know what paper to print this suite on (thick, luxurious). We've picked a sampling of current, beautiful colors to stock as our house inks. We're not bad at this. Let us help you.

2. Budget:
Speaking of budget, pricing can get scary for wedding invitations. Most people think they should be much less expensive then they are - but we find that's mostly because the average person never buys this much paper at once. 

Think about it. If you went to FedEx and printed one sheet of cardstock and bought one envelope to mail it, that might cost you about $1.50. Probably about 15 minutes of time as well. So multiply that by 150. That's $225 and lots of time (on normal paper, with a laser print and your own stress/effort). If that sounds manageable to you, I seriously encourage you to DIY. For real! I did everything for my own wedding and it was an incredibly special and heartwarming process. If you're looking for something a little more polished or a little less stressful: that's our job!

Our suites range in price from $450 to $2000. That's a big range. We suggest invitations and insert cards take up about 3% of your total wedding budget (Programs, place cards and accessories should take up another 4%, by the way). So, if you're an average bride with a $25K budget, you can responsibly spend about $750 in our shop. For 100 guests? That means you could get this letterpress suite:

The Aviation Invitation: 100 letterpressed (custom calligraphy for names). Aviation Response: 100 letterpressed. 100 blank response envelopes. 125 blank invitation envelopes. The Let Me Know rubber stamp.
Total: $748

If you're not crazy about letterpress or you have a larger guest list, you could switch the printing to thermography to hit your target price. 

The fancy foil pressed invitations? They might not make sense for wedding budgets under 50K. But they're so pretty! If you're in love with them - splurge for it and go a little more conservative on another part of the wedding!

3. Customization:
Every template in our bridal shop is fully customizable. That means you can change the paper color. The print method. The body text font. The style of calligraphy. And all calligraphy is hand-written, meaning it will be 100% unique to your order. You'd be surprised how different some of these suites look when you change up a couple of components (I mean, really different).

If you're having a hard time visualizing, send us an email. Tell us your clues (remember? they're budget, venue, style/theme and color). We'll make some suggestions. Once you place your order, you'll get a PDF proof of the invitation with your specifications - that's where you'll see it all come together. And if you hate it? We'll give you a second chance to change your specs. If you want to switch to another template, we'll charge you a $20 reproofing fee. If something sounds crazy when you place your order, we'll let you know before we make any proofs so you don't waste precious time on a bad proof.

All in all, we're real people who really pay attention.

This shop allows us to provide you with mostly custom invitations without forcing you to fly to Atlanta to sit down with us. We're excited about that, and we hope you are too!

Do you have more questions? We're okay with that.

Send us an email. Ask away. We'll answer all your questions before you buy a suite so you can be sure you're making the right move. We're here, ready to help!