wild animals

You found her in the open air, 
Bits of leaf in loose black hair,
Soaking slow the last of summer
As dragonflies hummed above her.

No saddle fitted or rein to find, 
An animal of her own mind.
Cautious steps toward her soft, 
The corner of her eye was caught.

Knowing nothing much of man
She made you not for foe or friend.
Doubt reserved, she let you touch her,
Her freedom wet your lust for pleasure.

You climbed atop her, clasped her mane
This creature you would not ever tame
While you searched for liberation
On stolen strides of desperation.

This rider sure to leave her haunted
Your weight, a pain she never wanted.
While you fantasize her domestication
(For proper ownership begets salvation).

But it isn't long before you're thrown
In unmapped forest overgrown.
Expect to be dropped unreconciled
Riding a beast you know is wild.