don't forget it was real

You may find someone who orders your drink.
Who stands next to you in a crowd,
swaying to loud sounds,
yelling over the band,
a joke you won’t hear, but you laugh anyway.

You may find someone who agrees,
who voted for the same guy,
supports the same changes,
goes out on Friday nights and
chips in for the tab when someone else dips. 

You may find someone who invites you along,
even when you can’t come,
(even though they knew that),
and sends you pictures all night
so you know the jokes later, like you were there.

I don’t know if you’ll find someone,
who notices when you're too drunk,
waits at the bar to order you a water,
finds your jacket in the chair you were sitting in,
and picks up the phone you dropped. 

Who will ask follow up questions,
understand when you need a night in,
drive over during rush hour and
listen to you blame your mother
for problems she didn't create.

Who will act normal while you cry,
ignoring eye contact and scrolling
the internet for a meme that will make you laugh.
Who will lay on the floor ignoring the television,
and refuse to forgive your exes.

I understand why you want to replace me, 
but let me know if it doesn’t work.