Paper and Design Studio Internship

This is 2-month unpaid internship in a printing and retail space servicing small businesses, designers, restaurants and brides. This is a free-flowing, independent work environment where everyone is getting stuff done

the ideal applicant will maximize their impact over the course of two months in order to obtain part-time employment as studio manager and sales associate.

This position is located in Atlanta, Georgia and applicants must be prepared to fulfill their internship hours on Mondays-Fridays between 10am-2pm. (As in, not nights or weekends. We take those off... most of the time.)

Please know that this position requires two main skills: studio upkeep/organization and communication with brides leading to sales. After the internship period is over, the part-time position will be paid by a consistent hourly rate plus a commission on all bridal orders. Therefore, earning potential is open-ended based on the individual's skill in the position.

- letterpress
- small business
- counting things twice (a.k.a. details)
- making sales + closing deals
- Google calendars
- tidy spaces, organization
- communicating with clients and answering questions
- taking initiative

- curious and confident, who isn't afraid to speak up
- who is okay with detail-oriented tasks
- Type A: a planner, question asker, system improver, suggestion maker
- ideal Myers Briggs types: ISTP, ISTJ, ESTJ, ESFJ
- who can listen to classic hip-hop most of the time
- who researches things they don't already know (and is down with a good you-tube tutorial video)
- who collects their questions and asks them with intentionality

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Please answer how you would respond to the following situation: "A client emails our company asking a few questions. She would like to purchase wedding invitations from our website, but there are additional items she may be interested in as well. You respond and tell her that we can create a custom listing for the items she cannot buy a la carte and design them in the same style as her invitations. You walk her through the ordering process and tell her we can give her pricing on the additional items if she will let us know how she'd like them printed and how many of each. She doesn't respond to your email for four days." How would you proceed?
Please answer how you would respond to the following situation: "You walk into the studio on Monday morning and you can tell that someone has been working through the weekend. There are tools/materials all over the tables, a few empty to-go coffee cups and a half-crossed-off to do list taped to the computer. You can see that some projects have been completed, but not boxed up and other projects are in-progress. You know your boss won't be in the studio for another hour." How would you proceed?
specific people, designers, publications or experiences. NOT LOOKING FOR: "nature, traveling and coffee."
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If you do not receive a response in two weeks, please email to check the status of your application.